Digital Signature Token

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A DSC token is the special password-protected devices that are mandatory to store digital Signature.

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A token is the special password-protected devices that store digital Signature. They have special software that allows them to be password protected and prevent unauthorized access and usage of your digital signature. As per Government norms, a token is mandatory to store Digital Signature and can be used by entering a password for your safety.

An Additional Token always comes in handy when you need an urgent DSC and don’t want to wait for the courier boy to knock your doors.

We shall be sending you blank tokens which are used to store Digital Signatures. These tokens can be erased and then fresh DSC can be stored in these tokens.

Other Information:-

Buy cheap and fast available Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) online for Class 2 and Class 3, DGFT for Singing and Encrypting, and then using for E-Singing of MCA, Income tax and Tenders forms. We offer complete paperless solution and you get your DSC delivered free at your home and workplace.

Digital Signature certificates are Small software programs or your Identity in Digital format that stores your personal data in the form of encrypted codes. A DSC can be attached to a file such as invoices, PDFs, online filings, Government websites. The file gets your identity or gets digitally signed and are legally binding on you or your company. Digital Signature is known to be very powerful, it is not allowed to be transferred, Emailed, or stored in multiple copies.

In order to manage the Digital Signature (DSC), you need to store it in small special Pendrive like devices known as Digital Signature Token and some call it Digital Signature Dongle. It looks like a small pen drive but is a lot different from a Pendrive. The Digital Signature token is a password protected dongle device to store your DSC and the password protection enables strong security.

It can be used in MCA, Income Tax, Government Tenders, TDS /TCS filings, and other E-filing Activities. Purchase from our DSC online store and get it delivered at your doorsteps without any additional costs. We offer a very simple process to create a digital signature online, verify it, and then download it.

If you do not have the Digital Signature token to download your Class II / Class III / DGFT DSC then we download the same and deliver it at your doorsteps. We also assist you in downloading your digital signature even when you have your token / dongle through remote desktop access.


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